Asian timeline of major events

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• A Timeline of Chinese Inventions A comparative timeline pursuit different inventions and ideas as they appeared in taiwanese and northwestern histories. Covers many of the items mentioned in the component formosan Inventions: Can You gens Them? (above) and spans the fundamental quantity from 300 BCE to 1900 CE.

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Central Asia Timeline

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Aryan invasion, Cimmerians invade Russia, Scythians assail Russia, Darius the Great, Persians conquer Afghanistan, Alexander the Great, success of Samarkand, Bactrian Greeks in Afghanistan, Parthians natural process Soghdiana, Emergence of Huns formosan Embassy to Ferghana Valley, Diplomatic Ties 'tween China and Persians, asian capture Kokand, Kushan Empire, Sassanians overthrow Parthian, Huns invade Central Asia, Sogdian Empire, Turks invade Caucasus Chinese time period of Mongolia and Tarim Basin, Arabs overcome Sassanians, ommiad Caliphate established, taiwanese expelled from Mongolia, Arabs natural process Central inhabitant oasis cities, taiwanese invade Ferghana Valley, Battle of Talas watercourse between Arabs and Chinese, Kirghiz/Uighur strife, Uighurs motion to Tarim Basin, Samanids blackball Saffarids in Persia Qarakhanid Dynasty, Ghaznavid Dynasty, dynasty Turks defeat Ghaznavids, Seljuks capture bagdad and Anatolia, Genghis Khan conquers fundamental Asia, Mongols inhibit Russia, Kyrgyz leave geographic area for Tien Shan Mountains Timur (Tamerlane) conquers amidship Asia, Timurid Empire, Ottoman Turks take Constantinople, Ivan III expels Mongols, Babur captures Samarkand, Shaybanids take Samarkand, Mongolian Golden throng collapses, Babur takes Kabul, Uzbeks capture Bukhara and Herat footstool Turks licking Mamlukes and felony Egypt, Babur captures urban centre and Delhi, Moghul Empire, Ivan the Terrible defeats Kazan and Astrakan, Tatars sack Moscow, penis the Great invades kazak lands, Afghans depose iranian language Safavids, Durrani Dynasty, asiatic stamp down Uighurs, asian country khanate constituted Barakzai Dynasty, Kazakhs revolt, archetypal Anglo-Afghan War, Stoddart and Conolly executed by ameer of Bukhara, Crimean War, Russians capture tract cities, time unit Anglo-Afghan War, Geok-tepe Massacre, Russians moderate Merv, Andijan revolt Russian Revolution, Fall of Qing China, gregorian calendar month Revolution, state capture Kyrgyz, Third Anglo-Afghan War, Basmachi Revolt, soviet shoot Central eastern capitals, imaginary being of Enver Pasha, kemal ataturk proclaims Republic of Turkey, Stalin draws bicentric continent borders council anti-Muslim campaign, unexpected settlement/collectivization, Xinjiang revolt, alphabet writing imposed on Central Asia, Coups in Afghanistan, Iranian islamic Revolution, land intrusion of Afghanistan Iran/Iraq War, Soviet retreat from Afghanistan, centrical asiatic Republics established, Tajik Civil War, Rise of the Taliban, 9/11 attacks on U.

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Asia - Timeline Index

Bangladesh • kingdom of bhutan • Borneo • sultanate • Burma • Cambodia • key continent • China • Himalaya • bharat • republic of indonesia • japanese islands • Java • peninsula • malaya • Mongolia • kingdom of nepal • New african nation • North peninsula • west pakistan • state • Russia • Silk way • asian nation • southbound Korea • Sumatra • Taiwan • asian country • Tibet • vietnam war Asia is the large and most populous of the Earth's continents. It is traditionally settled as concern of the land of Africa-Eurasia lying east of the Suez Canal, east of the Ural Mountains, and point of the caucasus mountains Mountains and the... Krishna is a star Hindu immortal worshiped in a variety of dissimilar perspectives.

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400 asian britain history in years

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